From the beginning, Lady Gaga made it clear that she had one ultimate goal: Fame. Hell, she even titled her debut album The Fame. She came across as aware, ironic and with a sense of humor. And in the end she achieved her goal twofold; Lady Gaga reached a level of fame that happens once in a decade. Like Madonna and Britney Spears before her, she became the type of inescapable household name Rebecca Black could only dream of. Your ninety year old grandmother knew about Gaga and her disco stick.

Her penetration into the pop culture zeitgeist only went deeper with the release of her second album, appropriately titled The Fame Monster. The world was goo-goo for Gaga. She was selling out stadiums. She had a streak of #1 songs that rivaled singles queen Mariah Carey. And she had the fickle media in the palm of her hand.

What happened next should have be an easy pill for Gaga to swallow. Gaga, a self-professed student of fame, should have known that nobody ever stays at the top unscathed. Gaga, self-claimed BFF to the master of the celebrity tear-down Perez Hilton, should have known that the media loves to breakdown what they’ve built up.  But it seems as if Gaga thought she could break the rules. The rules that she lived by to get to where she is.

Ego. That’s the biggest downfall for any celebrity. And Lady Gaga is faltering to her own id. She has proclaimed in interviews and in concert that her upcoming album Born This Way will be the “best album of the decade”. Before it’s release, she announced the first single of the same name would be “an anthem for a generation”. She thought she was infallible.

And the backlash began. Born This Way, the single, was instantly compared to Madonna’s Express Yourself. CNN covered it, Youtube mashups were made, and it was even mentioned in an interview on Jay Leno. Gaga was no stranger to Madonna comparisons, but this time it was different. Once touted as original and inspiring, Gaga was now fighting off accusations of musical plagiarism. And the old Gaga, the fresh-famed Lady Gaga with her p-p-poker face, would have taken it in stride. She would have said something clever and the world would have laughed. But the 2011 Lady Gaga is cold, and bitter, and maybe even…mean?

In an interview with music magazine NME, Gaga calls those who think Born This Way sounds anything like Express Yourself “retarded”. She goes from ignorance, to anger, to tears on the subject. As if this information is all new to her. Are we to believe Gaga heard nothing of the sort in the months the single had been out?

And then this clip from her upcoming HBO special was released:

In it, Gaga breaks down, exclaiming that she won’t be destroyed. How authentic she is. How her fans need their queen. It’s all quite surreal and sad. Because the one thing Lady Gaga lived for, strove for, and fought for will be the one thing that Lady Gaga will go down for.

Fame. Fame. Doin’ it for the fame.